I was born in 1980. in Belarus.

In elementary school, I wrote a big essay about who I want to become. And now, recently, after many, many years, I read this essay and thought - It’s wonderful! All these years there were no doubts and questions, it was always clear - there is only one passionate path. I am an artist.

My city grandmother instilled in me a love of nature, and she took me six years old to the wonderful art studio in Grodno. I was the youngest in my class and at the same time the most active. And that's how it all began.

The second grandmother lived in the Vidzy village . It was there that my favorite and most eventful vacations took place. On rainy summer days, amid the distant grunting of pigs in the barn, I drew and painted a lot in a cozy house with a stove, ate Soviet sweets and read the magazines "Around the World" from the local library.

I received a classical art education. From time to time I do exhibitions and participate in projects. On my account - personal and joint exhibitions in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, book design, cartoons, posters, sketches and even a half-hour cartoon (for the Red Cross and IOM).

Once while traveling in Myanmar, in Bagan, I had an amazing meeting with the legendary Burmese artist M.P.P. Yei Mint, under the impression of whose work I then created a series of paintings called "Mingalaba", which means "Hello" in Burmese.

Another Lyapkin, my beloved man, inspires me, he is also an artist. Sometimes we do exhibitions together and I always take his opinion into account. When I am completely satisfied with the work, I can safely display it in the gallery, send it on a long voyage or leave it on my studio walls for personal enjoyment.

My real style and technical preference developed gradually and naturally. From ironic surrealism to softer and more subtle realism with abstract elements.

Initially, I was interested in portraits. And where people are, there are animals. I love positive, but sometimes complex images, bright personalities and humor.

Today, I want only one thing from my paintings - that they express tenderness, beauty and harmony, which, by raising their spirits, help to cope with some of the difficulties of life.


1980, Grodno,Belarus.


1998-2003 Grodno State University, Department of Art.

Teaching & Working:

since 2008 teaching in children animation studio “Konus”.

2006 ilustration for poetry collection of Jerzy Jablonka.

2009- 2010 animation film “Tryuf’s misdoubt” for MOM and Red Cross.


2005 Solo exhibition “The beauty of old Grodno” Pultusk Castle (Poland)

2006 Solo exhibition “The beauty of old Grodno” Roal Baths, Warsaw (Poland).

2008 “Grodno yesterday and today “Grodno State Gallery (Belarus).

2010 Solo exhibition ”ULITARIUM” gallery “Artist’s Hut”Grodno, (Belarus).

2010 “Colors of life” Grodno State Gallery (Belarus).

2011 “Exhibition of graduates of the department of fine arts GrGU dedicated to 20th anniversary of the department”, exhibition hall (Grodno, Belarus).

2011 “Mingalaba” solo exhibition dedicatet to the wonderful people of Myanma (Grodno, Belarus).

2016 Solo exhibition "Heads and Tails" at the gallery "Kryga" (Grodno, Belarus).

2016 September 14, 2016 in the National Art Gallery of the Belarusian Union of Artists (Palace of Arts Street. Kozlov, 3) the opening of the exhibition "Grodno transit".

2016 "Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank" Palace of arts (Minsk, Belarus)

2016 " New Castle "Panarama art" ( Grodno, Belarus)

2018 " Colours of Neman" Fire ( Alitus. Lithuania)

2018 "Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank" Palace of arts (Minsk, Belarus)

2020 Project of MAM , Modern art museum "Mastactwa bez murau" (Art without walls)

2021 Triennial of conceptual art "Concept" of the Belarusian Union of Artists, Minsk

2021 "Autumn salon", Minsk